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November 24, 2005


Agitprop Tower photo...of the Bridge to Somewhere Better...I am hoping this time next year that we can be thanking our soldiers in person on our own shores.... And that the Katrina Survivors and Refugees are resettled and taken care of in a more respectful manner....and the Turkeys in the Whitehouse- NO pardons... ( although I do hope they end up in Frying Pan Farm...)

Hey, Happy Turkey Day!!!

Same here enigma4ever

Happy Thanksgiving blogenfreude.


I truly like your view! And YES, I do also truly wish the soldiers were home. But rest assured they will be home by next Thanksgiving.

Hey dude. Nice pic. A little different from mine! Thanks for the kind T-day greetings over at my blog, and the same to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. NYC -- so jealous! I want to live there.

NYC -- so jealous! I want to live there.
Come on down! We've got plenty of room ... and there might be some room in lower Manhattan even after Bloomberg & Co. get done with it!

Agitprop Tower photo...of the Bridge to Somewhere Better...
Posted by: enigma4ever


Depends on where you are coming from ...
Remember the bridge goes to Manhattan too ... I just happened to be standing in Manhattan when I took the photo.

I clicked through to the link about HellaBurton's T'giving dinners. They served 30,000 pounds of ham? In Muslim countries? I hope that was turkey ham, not pig ham. Haram! Haram! And we wonder why they hate us...

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