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November 09, 2005


And...down, down, down, go the propositions. Never underestimate the fickleness of the California electorate.

My vote was almost eaten by Yakov the Pollworker. Honest!

I'm soooo happy. Yesterday afternoon I was at the local Albertsons, and the cashier was happily telling folks to go out & vote NO on all Arnold's initiatives as they came through the line! Pretty cheeky, but it was also telling. The working folk here don't like Ahnold AT ALL.

Total Retard blew it. I think he'll get voted out of office next year by a landslide.

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pooor arnie....looks like all the nurses voted and gave him what he needed and deserved....

I belive this may have just given the game away and they had to "Reverse Hack" all the voting machines in one hell of a hurry. Voter fraud can also get you a nice long term inside.

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