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November 11, 2005


Is today your birthday? It is mine as well! Happy Birthday to you!

Is today your birthday?
Actually, yesterday, but close enough. And happy birthday to you too!

Muchas gracias! I wish things would fall apart faster for this regime than they are; now THAT would be a birthday present!

Feliz cumpleaños!

I'll drink an extra pint for you tonight!

Happy birthday. Hope you don't already have an anti-gravity device.

I hear they're good for deflecting asteroids.

Go shorty! It's ya birfday, gonna sip Bacardi like it's ya birfday! Sorry, got 50 Cent on the brain lately. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Week!

Hoppy Barfday!

HOw old are you, BTW???

HOw old are you, BTW???
Sorry, that's classified.

Classified? What kind of answer is that? At least give us a range...

You ASKED his age? How could you???!!! Don't you know Blogenfreude is our very own Shalen-Not-Stirred Bond of Blogatopia....he only gives information on a Need-to-Know Basis....

oopps that was SHAKEN not STIRRED....

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