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November 15, 2005


Actually, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that adding fluoride to drinking water might in fact be more dangerous than not.

Go read a tube of toothpaste. It recommends against swallowing when you rinse. Why? The fluoride apparently causes some form of bone disease, perhaps even cancer. Too, the original fluoridation was done before toothpastes routinely included fluoride in them.

Now it turns out that too much fluoride may be harmful to teeth (aside from the mottling that's been seen, they may actually weaken), and since teeth and bones are both made form calcium, there's some empirical evidence in some highly unscientific studies suggesting that fluoride might also waste bone tissue.

More study is needed, obviously.

Ripper was right. Fluoride is poison. Your little Torm troll would agree with me.

In either case, this is brilliant, of course you couldn't resist! Love it. HA!

The issue now is that the new panel (Bu$hCo appointed?) looking into fluoride is composed of the wrong people, according to the chairman of the old.

Holy Shit Batman! They were debating this shit when I moved away from there in 1950. Man you talk about slow deliberation. Of course, when I lived up there you were admonished to "Never rush into things." at least 5 times a day so I really shouldn't be surprised.

If fluoridated water really were a Communist plot, at least my parents would have something to blame for the fact that both their children are liberals.

This blog post is, unfortunately, an unthinking, knee-jerk reaction relying on one over-used, irrelevant straw man (Dr. Strangelove) to dismiss an increasingly complex, and problematic, issue. To get some of the substance of why people are concerned about fluoridation, see: www.fluorideaction.net

In sum: You don't have to be nuts, or live in some backwater, to oppose fluoridation. In fact, the vast majority (98%) of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation, and yet their cavity rates are just as low - in many cases lower - than our fluoride-saturated/enfatuated country. See: http://www.fluoridealert.org/who-dmft.htm

As they say, an open mind is a terrible thing to lose...

This blog post is, unfortunately, an unthinking, knee-jerk reaction relying on one over-used, irrelevant straw man (Dr. Strangelove) ...
Fast on the draw there MC (missing cuspids?) ... but the "straw man" of which you speak is General Jack T. Ripper. The MOVIE is Dr. Strangelove. If you want to mock here at Agitprop, you must be accurate.

Somebody just couldn't take a joke.

Dental fluorosis is the result of too much fluoride. Fluoride poisoning may also have a proprotionately worse affect on kids under five. That's not to say that we're putting too much fluoride in the water - I don't know.

This is a tough crowd, blogenfreude. :)

Yep, you can always count on the old reliables. The International Jew Bankers, The Pope in Rome, The Red Chinese Army Massing Along the Mexican Border. The Fluoridation Plot is certainly up there in the pantheon, and I'm glad somebody has some respect for tradition.

Just to be on the safe side, I won't buy any ice cream - children's ice cream, Mandrake! - at the Colophon Cafe again.

Read about the fluoride debate in Bellingham. Fortunately, they rejected the proposal to dump the stuff in the water supply. One of the problems is that the substance proposed is fluorosilic acid which contains heavy metal contaminants such and lead and arsenic.

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