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November 08, 2005


Everybody say it with me... "I love a tautology!"

We don't need a rule forbidding torture, because we don't torture.

Amazing, isn't it? A report that Cheney will NOT abide the Geneva Convention but Shrub up there claiming it's not 'cause we wanna torture anyone or anything...

Does ANYONE believe the sophomoric drivel running from their gaping maws these days? Jeeeez. I'm just waiting for the Fallujah story to make the rounds. Thanks for the tip BTW, I used that article for my blog entry on it.

Yep, that just about covers it all.

Surfed on in from King of Zembla, btw, who blog-whored you, so I will blogwhore you, as well.

Who's yo pimp daddy??

Who's yo pimp daddy??

You be ... thankyouverymuch. I have left the building.

Yep, but there is hope. Not sure if you saw the questioning Scott McClellan got today about torture, it was great :) Some asked him why Cheney wanted to allow torture if we don't do it...

It was great to see him literally freak out on her...

It was great to see him literally freak out on her...

Scotty the Lying Bushtool provides some of the best cringe moments on TV. I hope he never quits.

It was great to see him literally freak out on her...

Damn! Missed that. Nothing beats seeing McClellan squirm.

Though, I'm extremely gratified that both the Pentagon and John McCain have told Bush Co. where to stick it.

I think Bush coughed to cover "...anymore"

Torture? That's my safety word!

The Scotty Pinyatta hour was amazing- and the women in the front row kicked ass- April and Helen and then others including David Gregory joined the whack hour- and Scotty just made it worse by the minute- and it made no sense- and he said that reporters should check the VP website for his policy on torture....Maybe some "Stress" positions would help him "remember" What he is susposed to say...I hope the press beats it for days- and atleast every day asks about the Geneva Conventions ???? ( and by the way, because I am obsessive- I could not find Scottie's stuff over at the VP site- think he lied????)

and by the way- if you Google Cheney and Torture policy- you get 6,600,000 Hits- but no WH pages or webisites ( I gave up after 10 pages...that was enough torture for me..for tonight....)

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