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November 30, 2005


Dr. Strangelove would agree with Rummy about the prospects for American-style democracy in Iraq: "It is not only possible, it is essential."

So, Jeff Gannon is reporting from Iraq now?

You know, it would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Is this like the tens of millions (or hundreds of millions) of taxpayer dollars paid to the Rendon group by the administration so the group could could "sell" (ie. pass along propanganda) the war?

When is this crap gonna be investigated?

Democracy, my ass.

Is the name of the paper, Pravda? Just wondering.

Democracy, my ass.
Well, we got the democracy that Diebold made sure we voted for ...

Great graphic! But the info about the military writing propaganda to burnish their image/actions isn't at all surprising, This wouldn't be the first time.

Nothing about this administration and its nefarious activities surprises me.

Reading the Bush administration's "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" and listening to Sen. Lieberman's exchange with Imus (a double whammy of generous proportion) were more than enough to make me feel that my head is caught in a vise. I plan to read some Kafka tonight so that I can make sense of the world.

And we should be surprised? When the whole of the American MSM are bought and paid for by the Bush Repugnants why not the Iraqi papers?

Otherwise we'ed just have to bomb the shit of them too wouldn't we. It's called Democracy at the point of a gun in case anyone has forgotten.

As George Bush says..."catapult the propaganda"

As Bill O'Reilly says...."not on my dime"

This administration...talks Jesus...walks corporate,
talks Democracy....walks Fascist.

Is the name of the paper, Pravda?
Or The Washintgon Times ...

Funny, no one in the Army has offered me extra pay and incentives to work on my blog... wonder why?

"When Fascism arrives it will be wrapped in a Flag and carrying a Bible" ( Sinclair Lewis 1933)

Too may good lives ruined and lost for these Greedy bastards. The "Victory my ass" playbook isn't gonna save a soul or help the mess in Iraq. What did they think they could write a Happy Ending for what they have done?...and now we learn they have been Propagandazing all over the place and paying them with taxpayer dollars....
What if ALL of us on April 15th with held our taxes ..would that empty the war chest at all...6 Billion a month pissed away....

Definitely this isn't the first time. I agree: Our media is already bought & paid for, so I'm not surprised. I will also further not be surprised when said MSM doesn't report it. They can't: It would be sort of like tattling on themselves.


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