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November 02, 2005


Whitehouse Guilty
Did not follow own guidelines

This writer has learned from a super secret source
that a recent double super secret internal
Whitehouse investigation into what went wrong with the Iraq war, and more recently its own failings in the Plame /Wilson affair.

A senior Whitehouse official speaking on condition of anonymity, fearing the usual Whitehouse reprisal of forcing whistleblowers to practice religion, informed the writer that the inquiries finding was.

The quagmire in Iraq, and the Plame/Wilson affair
were a direct result of ignoring rule one of the Whitehouse's book of dastardly deeds.

When pressed, the source reluctantly agreed to furnish the writer with a copy of rule one.
Asked why so reluctant, the source intimated that great woes would befall him were the leak to be attributed to him.
He went on to explain that this hitherto unheard of book of rules was quote "Triple super secret" unquote.
He further explained that rule one, though written many years ago, the non-adherence to this cardinal rule has resulted in this ongoing debacle.

So frightened was the official that he would not divulge rule one directly, and so in true Whitehouse fashion he alluded to certain keywords.
The writer in the best of journalistic fashion delved deeply into the bowels of many libraries, and with the help of his assistant, a certain Mr. Google discovered the following passage that was duly adopted by the Whitehouse as "Rule One"

" For it must noted, that men must be either caressed or else annihilated; they will revenge themselves for small injuries, but cannot do so for great ones; the injury therefore that we do to a man must be such that we need not fear his vengeance."

The Prince. 1518

It all goes hand in hand with the Cheney attitude that he "knows better." Even though he's never fought in a war and barely knows a thing about goings-on abroad, he and his minions feel that they "know better" than anyone else - including the armed forces - about the world. Hence, we all must suffer from their fevered imaginations.

If all goes well, we will all dance on thier graves soon!

And Frist had the gall to stand in front of the cameras and complain about Harry not coming to him and discussing this first.

Boy, was he ever trying to play the public for fools with that one.

The "Cheney Death Watch" tag cracked me up, but I also wanted to drop you, Blogenfreude, a quick note to let you know that I am enjoying your writing very much!

Thanks for keeping us educated and informed...10am tomorrow- Scooter appears at his arraignment....so we will see what happens next on that front....And Nov14th new Intel deadline...I wonder if we will see Rule 21 again...

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