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November 25, 2005


You are shitting me I hope! This asshole couldn't manage a gangbang in a Mexican whorehouse and he starts his own firm. I think I will have to go lay down as my head just exploded.

And I'm sure you are right about who will be his first customers. Plus all the Red State Govs. who still believe kissing Deacon Dumb's ass is the way ahead.

if this doesn't make you want to join the other team, nothing will.

where do i hand off my scruples on my way into the republican party?

where do i hand off my scruples on my way into the republican party?
There will be no handing off of scruples on Agitprop's watch ... if you feel the pull of the dark side, email us your scruples and we will put them in a blind trust until it passes.

Crony capitalism at its best. His arrogance is amazing? Who would hire him? Some wingnut welfare group?

I might try to get a job there. If Brownie is running the place that means each consultant will be guaranteed one full hour for meals and a stipend to purchase expensive suits at Nordstrom.

Please put my scruples in a blind trust as well. This story is the maraschino cherry atop the whipped cream of incomptence that IS the Bush Administration.

Please put my scruples in a blind trust as well. This story is the maraschino cherry atop the whipped cream of incomptence that IS the Bush Administration.

Comandante...but you CAN'T!;)

Horsepeople have horse-sense - they will NEVER let him back into their world.

Meanwhile, China shows how to handle a crisis...

I can see his new brochures now. "Hire the world's biggest fu--up so you can make sure you fu--up as well as I can. If you think you are f--ing up, I will charge you tons of money to show you how you can f--k up even more. There is a lot to learn about f--king up, so don't think you know it all just yet, talk to me and I can improve your chances of making matters much worse than you have already made them. Remember, gross incompetence pays, and most people don't have the god-born stupidity to reach the lowest levels on their own."

Brownie proves that life is meaningless. I have no choice but to capitulate and follow the edicts of my Dear Lord Michael Brown.

Of course he would have a consulting firm..makes perfect Oz sense.What I wonder is was he getting paid as a person or a Firm when he was on the payroll these past two monthes??? And will he be on the FEMA payroll ??...

Whoooo that made my jaw drop. I was sitting here with my sis & her partner, in Berkeley, on vacation, when Jennifer read me the Brownie story - how he is starting a consulting firm to profit from his horrid negligence. As the jaw hasn't dropped that low for some time, I'm still rubbing it since it hurt a bit. Imagine my nonsurprise to go dirctly to Agitprop and see you've covered it!! As always: Good work!!!

I sure am glad I hadn't eaten anything before I saw the headline.... blarfffff.

I coulda sworn that picture had a caption that read, "George Bush heckaofa job Brownie" is this big! M

Grumpy Old Man:

I visited your site, but there's no place for comments...:(


Blind trust; i love it! You have such a great sense of legal humor!

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