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November 30, 2005


Was hoping for something new here...but...guess not. It is Bu$hCo after all. And the talking points? Completely ridiculous. Though my favorite had to be this:

Victory in Iraq is a Vital U.S. Interest
* Iraq is the central front in the global war on terror. Failure in Iraq will embolden the terrorists and expand their reach; success in Iraq will deal them a decisive crippling blow.

blah, blah, blah...

Pretty cover, though.

So, basically we are staying the course.

Thanks for the pointeless speech Mr. President.

Oy. Brought to you by the Department of Strategery

Oh you guys, we knew what the speech said yesterday, it's always the same speech. (It's just like we are always killing the second in-charge El-Quiada guy. How many times have we killed him so far? Guy just won't stay dead, he's like Kenny from South Park.)

You know, he keeps saying to stay the course. The course is clearly not working. Are they capable of figuring out a course that will succeed? Very doubtful. I hate to be such a pessimist, but there you go.

Hey, it's how he got through college. Just showing up.

Did anybody catch Russ Feingold's comment on the printed "stratergery"? It's a glossy 35 page pamphlet. Go Russ!

Wow! I know how much I paid recently to print up a one-page glossy color flyer, and it was not cheap. The taxpayers get screwed again.

What a lucky guy the old bum bandit Rove really is. He wrote a speech for dimbulb a couple of years ago and all he has to do is re-cycle it. Which lets him get on with the important shit. Like trashing anyone and anybody that dares to defy Repugnant policy as instructed by God.

Hum. What's up with the three different types of rebels? I guess we're not allowed to call them "insurgents" anymore. So do bullets from "rejectionists" hurtless than bullets from "insurgents"? Just curious.

"Repugnant policy as instructed by God." Does that include the story of Saddam and Gonorrhea in the Bible? m

What, didn't Bush like Rummy's "E.O.T.L.I.G."'s? I like Eotligs. It sounds kinda science-fictiony. Which would be fitting, considering the White House just releaed its latest sci-fi novel, "VICTORY IN IRAQ"...where they bested the bloody Eotligs.

I am not a 100% on this, but I think I am partially right- did anyone see his California Navy Ship Speech - Katrina Sunday ( for the rest of us) and he gave another speech- some of this speech today was directly from that speech- does he only give recycled speechs now ??? ( and here is something my son pointed out- when the navy clapped- and the "cued clappers" on C-span- it was "Golf Claps"....ah, the irony

At least he has some new vocabulary words, like stratergery or whatever (surgery + strategy?) and Saddamists and Rejectionists. I must be a Progressivist. Maybe all of us Progressivists or Liberalists will end up on the business end of a speech as well (being as we're "traitors" and allll).

WTF??!? Yes, he is recycling, ad nauseum, other speeches. Of course, he & his cabal use the nazi technique of repetition (it does seem to do the trick when it comes to brainwashing the more mentally-challenged of the population). Their strategy is to repeat things to the point where they seem rational. However, in my humble opinion, although it worked up 'til a few months ago, but it ain't workin' now!

How long did it take those speechwriters to throw the ol' 9/11 connection curveball in there? Wow... a whopping 27 seconds. It's a new record!

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