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November 22, 2005


Glinda The Good Witch of the North:" You have no Power Here. Begone before somebody drops a HOUSE on you!!!"

Ooh, oooh! I noticed that nasty uber-patriot jumper, too! She's fugging with the flag!

It's time for a recall (don't know if it's allowed in Ohio, but in this case it should be). Jean needs to go home.

I so think that the apology is nigh.

I think the Republican leaders knew exactly what they were doing when they sent the Witch to the floor. They wanted somebody to throw shit on Murtha and here was the youngest (though old and hideous) member of their Slime Patrol and they her out on her first mission. That set everything up for their own 'resolution', challenging the challenge of the Dems. I think this idiot was sent in like a lamb to the slaughter and nobody's looking into who put her up to it.

Well, looks like your prediction on the apology was right:


I guess monkeys do fly.

Begone before somebody drops a HOUSE on you!!!"
Someone should drop a House AND a Senate on her ...

Ahhh, Somebody got my HOUSE joke...yay..now about the Witch- she is about to outed in 06, she just squeaked by Hackett lasy summer- so she won't be there long...Promise...( People in Ohio are moritifed, yes, even Regugs, I went and read the newspapers from her area, and she is not wanted at "Home" either....)

Man, that's a great graphic!

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