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November 10, 2005


It should also be noted that, in addition to inciting violence against San Francisco and Dover, O'Reilly (at least) is also calling for blatent discrimination based on political views in the allocation of Federal funds. Not that this does not already happen. The Feds have been making war on Babylon by the Bay for years. Here's just one example.

I'd just like to say to Pat Robertson that if viewership of "The 700 Club" drops because of his stupidity, please don't turn to God and ask him why, because I don't think God cares at this point.

Oy vey! And I'm not even Jewish.

Is it possible that Bill is so angry because God saw fit to put all those splotches on his face?

umm w/r/t pat.. aren't natural disasters also referred to as "Acts of God?"

folks that ask for god to help them after they are attacked by him need to seek counseling for their abusive relationship.

Blue Gal is praying for these guys. They have sold their souls to that devil in the microphone.

el s,

this simply proves that religious people are deranged masochists.

folks that ask for god to help them after they are attacked by him need to seek counseling for their abusive relationship. true ... usually you leave your abuser. makes sense to me.

Holy Shit Batman! Do they let loonies like these two out unattended over there? In civilized countries they have well padded rooms and soothing medicines for these kind.

All they are doing is trying to scare the crap out of people...like they did in 2001, remember the Anthrax scare.

So I have a question...Are the new School Board Members now responsible for keeping God away from Dover?


What's up with that Gorbachav spot on O'Reilley's head?

Two things:
1. Interesting that O'Reilly chooses the biggest phallic symbol in the city to blow up. Repressed much?

2. Pat Robertson, man. Dude seriously needs to just retire already.

People like Bill and Pat use God as a club to beat other people over the head. I don't think God likes that. Maybe Bill and Pat should be on the lookout for lightning bolts.

And happy birthday, Blogenfreude!

Happy Birthday Blogenfreude, great form today!

Happy Birthday Blogenfreude....May the coming year bring you many good changes and gifts ( hopefully for all of us)....Hmm, about the post above, look at both of them- there you go , proof that intelligent design does not exist.....

It's your birthday? Did I miss something?

Happy Birthday! :D

Happy B'day!

That Crazy Pat! Even the Freepers are tossing him overboard at this point.

Happy birthday.

Starting with Schiavo and continuing today, we're getting closer to Salem, Mass. in 1692 everyday. Actually, the Puratans had two excuses we don't have:1. Modern telecommunications. 2. 300 years of real science.

Of course, the misuse of those two advanteges of ours is what we're talking about here!

Oh dear! O'Reilly wants the city of San Franscico punished for stuff. Robertson wants the City of Dover punished for other stuff. What would Jesus do? Hmmmm "Love your enemies.." for starts. They need to read the Gospels again.

Happy birthday, and may all things glad and good come your way in the coming year.

I'm right in the middle of a move right now so I'm too exhausted to say anything about these two but...jesus fucking christ, already. They are an embarrassment to the human race.

Anyway, happy birthday Blogenfreude! Have a couple on me!

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