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December 20, 2005


I find myself taking a Chinese Menu approach to sociotheophilosophical affiliations: everything looks so good that I may as well pick something from column A, B, C, and D!

I guess I miss the old rascal Saddam and his wacky, SOVEREIGN STATE. I know he was a cranky cuss, but he did run a tight ship. Osama who?

Rejectionism is in vogue these days too. After hearing Dear Leader's speechification
yesterday I saw it's awesome appeal: Reject the Law. Reject Reason. I think I'll Reject my crushing student loans--I'll let you know how that works. Terrorism? If motard-baiting and having issues with Jesus is hurting "The War on Terror," then call me Carlos the Jackal. And I think you all know how I've been know to travel in Defeatist circles.

So I'm going for the "Happy Family Combo." No soup. Two Spring Rolls. And you can skip the orange wedges--nobody ever eats those.

Can I be a Pissedoffist? I'm sure W would put me with the Terrorists (if you're not with me, you're against me -- uh, I mean us), but I refuse to accept that label. I think I'll be a Patriotist.

Since I don't believe that changing your mind makes you weak, I guess I'm a defeatist / flip-flopper.

Sniff. I don't think there's anything for ME in that little black bag...

Unless you add "rebellious atheist." Actually, I think Shrub will be adding that soon, since he seems to get some of his cues from Pat Robertson.

I didn't realize I was in a cult and that I worshipped atheism. I'm glad Pat straightened that out for me, btw.

I am a Revolutionist.

Since I'm known to my friends as the "crazy leftist", how about:


Or would I have to Jewish, as well?

I think Bush is pretty much buttf-cking everyone.

I guess that makes me a Saddamist...

Oh wait more like a Soddomist....

I don't fit any critieria, and we will never know how the Lists and Labels of this Administration are and were created....but I am a Pissed-off-Fed-up-tired-nurse-mom-whistleblower-who-used-to-believe-that-we-had-a-government-that-was-not-broken-but-knows-that-is-now-run-by-Criminals-and-am awaiting -transfer-to-fucked-for-sure-Gitmo.

Defeatist, absolutely.


what's your take on the NYC transit strike?

what's your take on the NYC transit strike?
The TWU had better start articulating their position better - they will be fined $1 million per day as soon as they lose their appeal of a lower-court decision that came down today. Other than that, it's freezing, you can't get a taxi, but luckily my commute is a 10 minute walk. Glad I didn't move back up to the Upper West Side this fall, as I'd planned.

A defeatist agnostic anarcho-libertarian.

We are Saddamist & Go Morists revolutionaries M

Jeff at Protein Shake just called me a "fucking tool:" I don't even rate an "effete fucktard." I was telling him how much I like it when he makes things talk. This time it was Tucker Carlson's bowtie. I geuss I'm not real Defeatist material.

I am a loud and proud rejectionist! I reject the Bushovich attack on the American constitution. I reject the lies and Orwellian language of this administration. I reject the notion that Bush was legitimately elected president in 2000, or 2004. I reject the obfuscation of science in the pursuit of idealism. I reject unilateral, pre-emptive militarism. I reject the corporate hijacking of our democracy. I reject the use of the tragedy of 9/11 to further the illegal wishes of this administration. I reject the destruction of the environment. I reject profligate deficit spending. I reject giving the richest amongst us multi billion $ taxbreaks and cutting subsidies for programs that help the poor and middle class.

So yes... I'm a rejectionist...

Rant over...

I consider myself a Frustrationist. Head banging on the desk frustrated Frustrationist.

I prefer Defeatism because it involves the least work.

Defeatism also contains historical resonance. In the Third Reich, when things turned bad, "defeatist talk" was a capital crime.

Anarchist. Fully.

I'm a rejected fetus.

6. Insurgent

tonight on cnn the proposition was put forth in re the chinese that they were making a power grab in there attempts to secure oil supplies that were also being contested by us, U.S., vis-a-vis syria, and the pact today between china and syria in re oil. many feet of file shown of goose-stepping people's republic militia, etc., and a bit of alluding to THEM (unclear if that would, ah, be, ah, either china or syria) being our next war enemy.
also, our new ambassador, if that's what we've got, to cuba, was roundly and vigorously characterized by the cuban intelligentsia, and apparently also the common folk, as a pimp-pig, along with our simi(an)lar dear leader. go figure. i just don't have any idea what we did wrong.
oh ya, and that left behind tim lahaye/bush whore rep in colorado wanted to know tonight where vincente fox gets off telling us to let the mexican people make their own minds up about what they're going to do in their own country. what da fuck is wrong wth the rest of the world? how come we americans are the only ones that can ever get it right? what i'd like, really, to announce to the world, is that we will leave iraq and afghanistan and wherever else we happen to like fuckin' playin' shoot'em up when we finish sucking up all the oil or the route thereto. OK mutha's?
maybe we need to become asshole buddies with the chinese in order to put off the last man standing scenario for the absolute longest amount of time. we owe them a shit pot of money. they might just buy forming a bilateral power bloc with us against the rest of the world, and then both of us will be putting-off the ultimate global slugfest until the last possible moment. i mean, they didn't say boo! about afghanistan because the lion's share of the unocal pipeline is now going into china, so it ain't like we can't find a way to get along. hope i'm gone when we finally get toe to toe with 'em, though-sad but true that my grandson, if he doesn't become an unfortunate casualty, will have to learn confucian-patriarchal-family value-communist-mandarin in order to continue his own life. there could be an ice age, though...which would change everything.

I'm a Saddajectionist, with just a smidge of terrfeatist thrown in.

I know ... I could've just posted "combination" but what fun would that've been?

Actually, I'm a carnivore. Which might get me in more trouble than all of the above.

You left out Cultist:


Main Entry: - cult·ist /'k&l-tist/ noun

5 b : Those devoted to defend George W. Bush in spite of all evidence of his criminality.

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