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December 08, 2005


George Walker Bush

Lack of equality.

Tom Hanks movies.

"See your doctor."

Side effects include...

Madonna's "American Pie"

President Jeff Sessions

Patriot Act Re-signed

No Fly List

License, registration please!

FBI, search warrant

Tom Delay acquitted...

...President Sam Brownback...

...martial law declared.

Britney Spears' Spawn

Man, it burns!!!

Oh come on, Phantom of the Opera rocks!

as for 3 words

Torys win election (I'm a Brit)

Bush family dynasty

Hillary in '08

Sales and service

"War on Christmas"

Well actually that's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

Hillary Rodthem Clinton is not as scary as Joe Noooooo Lieberman.

Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required

Next stop, Iraq.

President Bill Frist.


Tom Delay acquitted.

I can't decide, too much stuff scares me.

Condi in '08?

Shock and Awe

Jeb! for President

Madonna Potter Movie

Barbara's coma baby M

That's why you need to order the Andrew Lloyd Weber Grill from the Satellite of Love.

My three? "Ross and Rachel"

Human Immuno-difficiency Virus.


I love you.

Sorry for number two...I just got an email from my ex-wife.

Oh yeah, and

22nd Amendment Repealed.

We're playing Bolero.

We're playing Bruckner.

Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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