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December 12, 2005


America lost before we invaded.

America lost before we invaded.
Brilliant. By the way, you fooled no one with that "Bobot Ruddha" ploy on the last post ...

What are you talking about? It wasn't me. I happen to know that there are all sorts of Buddha Haters out there who would love nothing more than to see me in ruins. Honest Blogenfreund, for I consider you a new, dear freund, I would tell you if I were approached with some sort of sweet Donut Deal--and I would certainly cut you in on it.

Bush wasn't called by God!

"We shouldn't be in Iraq."

wait, I thought of a better one:

"We shouldn't trust Bush unconditionally."

Dear Leader doubleplus ungood!

Is it okay if it's not original? If so:

Regime change begins at home.

Blow up the White House

Simple, effective, and it would clear up a lot of problems. Hey, it worked in 1996's "Independence Day" (Get that patriotic title!) but these days I suspect any director who'd do that (again) on film would probably be hauled off to Gitmo.

My favorite recommendation: Miles of rope and thousands of light poles.

Miles of rope and thousands of light poles.

Bwah hah hah!!!

No doubt, Grumpy Old Man! Hell, even that's too good for the majority of them. And hang the goddamn lobbyists, too.

Point the second ammendment at Washington

Meh, that's the best I can do.

For the past two years I've been meaning to write an ironic fiction story based on the premis of the neo-cons being overthrown via armed insurrection.

Of course I don't want armed anything in our country...but it does strike me as a funny notion that they would be brought down by the guns they cynically have used as a wedge issue for the last 20 years.

Ironic stories aside, I think the neo-cons have flammed out and coincedentally the American people (slow we might be) have got a good sense of what Bush et al are all about...and the people don't like what they see.

"George Bush raped me."

But, only in the interests of pushing things too far, of course.

1. Fear not.

2. Stupid white men and the women who love them are the real problem.

3. It's a poor idea to lie to oneself.

4. If the map doesn't agree with the ground, the map is wrong.

5. There is nothing more pointless, or common than doing the same things and expecting dfferent results.

6. God is not on our side.

Torturing brown people is un-American.

or how 'bout

Bush is taking anti-depressant drugs

America lost before we invaded.
Posted by: Robot Buddha

Amen. That's worthy of a Defeatist! bumper sticker.

We do not torture (SIKE!)

Return the Money to the PEOPLE!

That oughta win me a space in a cold dark cell for eternity!

I throw pies at Ann Colture.
I mulched my Christmas Tree.
I married homos on Ramadan.

I burned the American flag.

[that's for you Hillary Clinton]

If we're going by Pat Robertson's definition of treason, then I submit "Pat Robertson is a fraud".

"Target Bush is in my sights, over."

Okay that's seven, but whatever.

"I married homos on Ramadan"


Canadians should invade our country.

I pledge allegiance to France!


George Bush sucks ass!

I don't believe Bush.

Hope we're invaded by France!


Christmas is for wussies!

Am I deported yet?

Happy-f*ckin-holidays, Bill O'Reilly!

Oh wait... that just earns me a place in hell. Damn!

We aren't god's favorites

How about this?

Afganistan was a preseason game.

Iraq is doomed. Get out.

Bush appointed President - America's Failure!

How about:

Free Saddam Bush in Guantanamo

I am a liberal and proud of it!

Eight words too many?

US troops out of Iraq!

God says, "I'm burning Bush!"

President Bush lied.

"We don't torture. Right, Cheney?"

"Miserable failure"? Yes, definitely!

Bush - Try, Convict, Sentence!

I support the Iraqi Resistance.

Plame is a covert agent!*

(*Treason unless you are Republican, then it's just office gossip)

"Go ahead Jeff"

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Bush is the anti-Christ.

My prize for the Name the Evil Pastry Contest arrived in the mail today--A really snazzy Agitprop Bumpersticker! And it doesn't look out of place on the bumper of my enormous black, shiny, Hummer. Before you all start castigating me for having such a gas guzzler, let me just point out that I got the optional recycled oil conversion kit, so I roll with a mixture of some gas (sorry) and a ambergris and whale oil combo. So there.

"an ambergris"

Jesus was probably an Iraqi.

"The president got a BJ."

Bush is a rat bastard.

Current White House Residents = Traitors.

The war Bin Laden wanted

Strike that and make it:

Recruiting war for Bin Laden

I'm Liberal

I refuse to shop wal-mart

I'm voting all democrat

9-11 did not change everything

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