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December 28, 2005


Maybe if we forward a petition to O'Leilly, et al he will finally give you a much deserved place on the list of "Media Operations that Traffic in Defamation™."

I, too, aspire to receive Saint O'Reilly's recognition, something he parses out like love from an absentee father.

Not even my latest stunt, where I flamed his inbox with a cleverly-doctored image of Jesus, Santa, and Malcolm X in a feces-covered three-way, merited his attention.

Oh, why won't you call Bill?

Perhaps you could start a petition calling on O'Reilly to resign from FOX. (See the letter of resignation I posted.) I am sure that your visitors would gladly join in support of your petition.

I can see no alternative by O'Reilly to put you on his "list" if you orchestrate a successful campaign calling of his resignation.

I'd hate to see your splendid campaign end all for nought.

I saw O'Reilly in the mall. He was dressed as Santa and was fondling the children sitting on his lap. I don't have a source for this smear, but then again O'Reilly doesn't usually have sources for his either.

Oy. Yer killing me.

"But there is a blogsphere far beyond this one and I have come to know some really amazing people"...[more]

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