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December 13, 2005


As Christmas gets closer, I predict more of that holiday spirit.

I do not think we should be subjected to anymore propaganda from W. When is he going back to Crawford. He is an embarrassment.

We're heading in to bowl season and it looks like Fitzbowl and a few others. Look for a "setback" in the Fitz case that will be seized upon by the Libbyforces. But it will be a false dawn for them, a fake setback, kind of like when QB Fitz did not initially use the Esp.act or the IIPA. The Libbyforces were hoping he would, because the gov. would be reluctant to reveal classified evidence in open court, preferring a quite plea and a seal. Those Media Matter headlines are pretty funny.

I predict that:

1) Falafel Billy's head will explode.

That's all I got. Sorry.

1. At least one neocon wonk will call John Murtha a "Flip-Flopper" for saying that policies must be adjusted when situations change.

2. A google news search this weekend for "Cut and Run" will return at least 200,000 articles.

3. The Indianapolis Colts will beat the San Diego Chargers, because that's what's really important this time of year. Go Colts!

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