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December 18, 2005


Hmmm, a little bit of self incrimination in there isn't it? I'm not a lawyer, but doesn't the Fifth Amendment and the Miranda Warning only apply to police interrogations?
I wonder if he gave himself a secret pardon.

thanks! great link!

Yeah, that's funny stuff. And I learned a new word! "Intelligement". Since I didn't listen to Bush's 'defense of domestic spying' speech this is the first I heard his remark about "intelligement assessment".

OMG this guy is a genius- can we give him a Bogstar ( kind of like an Oscar...) go back and watch the ABCs...great stuff...I hope he does the speech tonight ( cartoons it that is)...since the Housewives are being interupted for more Bushit....

I know, no housewives blogging by NoPT4Lent. :0

That is fecking brilliant, alright. Makes me wonder why I bother doing Flash cartoons!

And blogging... but then, we're bloggers strickly for the fame and fortune it brings, right?

Here is another little treat found by my son...go to google, and write in :mass destruction, then hit 'feeling lucky".....see what you find....

But the rest of us know why you keep on blogging. We keep on reading, oh great one. And where else would we have found this great link? Thanks. and btw, I wash down my pharmas with Tanqueray 10, baby. xoxoxo

Tanqueray 10 sounds good, but tonight I'm drinking Pale Ale.

Oh, you can still blog. Really.

Thanks for that link. It was like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the soul of the country.

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