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December 30, 2005


He'd like some Dunkin Donuts!

Okay, okay, I'm going to give up on this donuts thing ... the new hot thing is cupcakes, anyway.

Dither, dither, dither, dither.... war... dither, dither... goddamn Iraqis... dither dither dither ditherditherditherdither

You'll buy my Tamiflu and like it! Never mind if it works.

"Would someone please take this stick out of my ass?"

"like what you see up there????"

"Behold, my impressive nostrils! See how they unflinchingly flair?"

"Have you ever heard of Rove? Libby? Cheney? Morons!"

According to Sony's website; "Sony Pictures Entertainment does not issue licenses for inter-net use." I suggest you remove the Dr. Strangelove material immediately before they decide to take action against you.

Friendly warning.


"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMint."

Yet another example of how dickish the Sony people are. First they contaminate hard drives all across America with their hidden 'software'
and then they squash good old fashioned spoofery. They ought to be paying US.
(jumps up on table) BOYCOTT!
Remember Sony's piggery when you play your Celine Dion ballads... Cause I'm your lady...and you are my corporate noose...
...uber-chanteuse, defender of music misuse...Damn them.

Jack Abramoff, you had better NOT sing like a bird!

Hope you like the view. It's the last thing you'll see before I crush you beneath my jackboot.

Oh, just BTW, you've been tagged.

Don't let the Sony Bastards get you down!! Fight it, Blogen, Fight it!!

Mmmm.... I love the smell of boiled terrorists in the morning!

Happy New Year, Blogenfreude!!!

(That's what I'm thinking.)

Happy New Year to everyone else, too!


Remind me to download mucho Sony product this New Year, and for the rest of 2006.

"I said easy on the teeth...that's it..."

Sorry old Bloggy, but you are it:


Please do the tag thing...please.

"Fear me for I am the God of War. Or so I like to tell myself."

"Standing for 8 hours every day prevents constipation."

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