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December 01, 2005


What an unethical dummy!

Hey even executives for large charities need stress relief. I'm sure he and Lady Sage were just discussing the finer points of corporate giving.

Alexander/Palmeiro for the GOP in 08'!

What bothers me the most is that this was money meant for people who really need it. If it were any other situation, none of my bidness; whatever floats your boat.

Damn! Why can't I get anyone to pay me big bucks to spank them? If I pop my kids on the butt, they act like I'm committing child abuse, and they refuse to pay me a cent.

Seriously, what a creep! He should do jail time, although given his predilections he might enjoy it too much.

They didn't just by chance mention which political party he belonged to did they? Just a guess: the GOP, serious Fundi division. And I do hope he gets a big black cell mate with bleached hair and a big ring in his dick.

The best thing is, it's all a tax write-off!

Lady Sage? Look, if he were really serious about being corrupt, he would have gone with Lady Oregano!

Then, there's the obvious "Riders of the Purple Sage" pun. Nyuk-nyuk ... ow, my knee hurts ...

Damn that's funny. Or it will be if/when he refunds the money he spent. Getting beaten S&M style on the boss's dollar: Priceless.

I am agog - that's all; agog! There's no news stranger than the truth.


Incredibly funny!

I'da put my boot up his ass for 1/10th of that.

Late to the party...but I have to ask: WTF is is it with OHIO??? Does the Lady Sage take collectible coins, too?

She doesn't index-protect her images directory:


So you can find images like this:


Based on this mugshot:


I'm pretty sure that's Mr. Abraham Alexander himself. There are some other ones in there - check out the filenames that start with "Jerry..."

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