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December 07, 2005


"I regret that I have only one life to give for my party."

Congrats on getting a blog award. So, where's my royalty check?

I guess we don't have to look far to prove that neocons think violence and conflict is the answer to everything. That's pretty much how the first human beings/cave people handled things (you took my food? I kill you). So, I guess they haven't progressed along with the rest of us. Perhaps we should just pity the poor, pea-brained things.

Oh - forgot to mention, of course, the neocons /repugs absolutely HATE Dean because he won't shut up and isn't scared to speak out. So the more I hear them call him a nutjob or a traitor, the more I laugh and laugh. Talk about hitting the right chord!

Did you ever hear about the story that Michael Reagan put in his book about his dad? During one of Reagan's campaigns, Mike was in college and his dad gave a speech on campus. Afterward, a bunch of college Republicans surrounded Reagan to shake hands and play grab-ass.

Ronnie turns to Mike, shakes his hand, and says, "What's your name, young man?"

Mike says, "It's me, your son. Mike."



Now, this was in Mike's own book, so it ain't some liberal urban legend. I'd say Mike has some issues.

And his show sucks.

Worse than Medved.

Congrats on getting a blog award. So, where's my royalty check?
Do they cash checks for less than a buck?

There's always PayPal :P

I wonder how well Mike and Ron Jr. get along...

"ManTeats" or "ManCow" had a lot to say about Dean too:


Check it out.

I regret that I don't live in Nadler's district and can't e-mail him. Oh well, snail mail it is. I like this guy.

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