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December 29, 2005


Listen, there are roughly 30% of this country that would support Bush if he was caught on tape, bloody knife in his hand, over the stabbed body of Pope Benedict 16th, so the fact that 8% of them stopped buying this line of bullshit is encouraging...

Slooooooowly they turn, step by step, inch by inch...

My brother and I have a phrase we use when someone especially dense begins to finally stumble into the obvious truth. We say, "So, dawn breaks on marblehead!" Maybe this is when the American public finally starts to wake up.

I'm still befuddled as to how anyone can approve of any aspect of this administration. I guess those that still do know nothing of how a democracy is supposed to work, or don't care.

Let's hope his numbers keep tanking and there's anarchy!!

Sleepers Awake!

Think about this :Those numbers show that some of the lovin'geesus- bud swillin-nascar lovin'-guntotin'-terra-haters are actually WAKING UP and do NOT TRUST Dubya anymore...or the Propaganda...it's HUGE..but remember it took Lost Jobs, Katrina and ILLEGAL Spying...and Body Bags to have That Effect....IT means HIS own will eat him at Sundown....The Kingdom is indeed crumbling

ah, I better explain the "eat'm at sundown" phrase, it refers to what coyotes do to the Weak, the Sickened of their Own Pack....( pretty picture ain't it?).....

( okay, this is killing me- what is the SLOWLY they turned from..it has been stuck my head all afternoon- help???)

As for those who still believe, I quote PT Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute."

*It is debated whether or not Barnum said it, but the line still applies.

True, enigma, but this particular segment of the US population would probably want someone even worse than W./Cheney et al, i.e., in the way of white supremacist, fascist, mysogynistic leaders who'll show al them wimmins and coloreds who's boss right out loud! No punches pulled!
I'm reserving jubilation until these guys are actually gone, until Congress is cleaned up, until, it's sounding like to me, hell freezes over...

I am not jubilating Isabelita, and I don't think that the Repugs ALL support Dubya anymore- and that is a huge step , especially since he has just been 10 monthes into his second term...I mean think about it, a year ago at this time you would not have been hearing impeachment on the eve news- Every night....But there is a very Real Palpable Shift occurring and it is a momentum that can not be stopped- the Tipping Point has been surpassed....

Cheney numba 2 M

Have you guys seen Mel Gibson's new blog? It is awesome.

OMIGAWD I love the Mel Gibson for Governor site! Even if you've been spammed, Blogenfreude, it's worth seeing. Talk about hilarious.

You've probably seen it already, but here's Steve Martin's take on Bill O'Reilly (at HuffPo):


Oops, try again:

Steve Martin's Blog

you guys are so lost..

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