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December 10, 2005



And what do they want with Dunkin Donuts anyhow? NOOOOOOOOO!

Although I did read that Rumsfeld was a major force behind the production of fake-sweetener Equal. Creepy. (I'm a Splenda user myself.)

Our favorites will be the blood filled crispi cremes M

Cruellers? Depleated Uranium Maple Bars?

I can sorta see this. Those donut holes can have a lot of potential uses.

I heard they'll still sell donut holes, but instead they'll call them "The Heads of the Evildoers."

And Baskin Robbins will create a new flavor of the month, "Toxic Gumbo," to commemorate the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Except no proceeds will go to the actual relief effort, natch.

I know we will be very unhappy campers (when camping) if they do away with the chocolate frosted and cinnamon.

Iraqi-flavored doughnuts with creamy crude oil filling.

And wait a minute ... if Dunkies is French-owned, how come they can't make a decent croissant?

Funny how your "Shameless Commerce Division" is currently advertising donuts and ice cream.

Funny how your "Shameless Commerce Division" is currently advertising donuts and ice cream.
It sees you when you're sleeping!
It knows when you're awake!

Comandante, you don't like donuts and ice cream??

I like them both. I'd really like to see a no-carb Baathist Hot Fudge Sundae.

How 'bout Consolidated Press Bavarian Facist Donut

How about I turn off the italics?

What italics? [ed.]

Change the name of the company to "Freedom Rings".

Napalm Nut.

Is "bullet holes" too harsh?

Chocolate Chalibi Fritters
Bradley Fighting Brownies
Extraordinary Rendition Coffee Rolls

Maple Cluster Bombs!

Their first move? Insisting that Berliners always be placed "Back and to the left. Back and to the left," in the display case.

Hell man, don't you guys know nuttin? Caryle is planning to build their pipeline across Afghanastan out of the things. That way the heroin going down it will taste better.

hey those look like krispy kreme donuts.....

Yellow Cake Donut!

So now Dunkin Donuts moves off of the terrorist sympathizer's boycott list and onto ours.

Military-Industrial complex cruellers
Creme filled War Profiteers
We Love the War On Terraccino hot beverage, with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles

Mmmmm I'll take Petroleum Jelly Filled with Phosphorus Sprinkles please!

this is a joke right?

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