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December 06, 2005



I hope he gets nailed.

Me too. Especially now that Faux News proclaimed him the "winner". How lame. Of course, i had to immediately go check the lamest rightwing nut site to see if they fell for the propaganda. Sure enough, Sasparilla Humanzee was touting it as a victory.

What a bunch of ignorant, kool-aide swilling asswipes.

And yeah, the Aramahoff trial still hasn't started, 6 Capital Fools await an interesting Fate...hmm, so conspiracy charges may be dropped on This case...but the other case could bring conspiracy back to the Delay plate of corruption...( and money laundering charges is nothing to laugh about for ol 'Tommy, hell he could luck out and be bunkmates with the Duke).

kool-aide swilling asswipes ...
ROTFLOL (again and again).

Check out Tom's attorneys' rationale for dismissing the money laundering charge. The judge didn't fall for it. Smart guy!

My crystal ball foresees a long solitary confinement for The Exterminator in the Texas State Roach Motel.

My crystal ball foresees a long solitary confinement for The Exterminator in the Texas State Roach Motel.

There is not such thing as "solitary" at Huntsville, it's one of the most overcrowded prisons in the Nation. All the more fun for Mr. Delay, though.

One wonders how long it will be before Judge Priest (oh, the irony here is too thick to make a comment) is found in his Lexus, motor still running, inside his gated community, apparently after having an "accident"; later ruled to be a "suicide."

Delay's defense: "I don't launder money. I wipe my pudgy white ass with it."

I work for a bank. We have to take this anti-money laundering class every year or so (because of the Patriot Act). Reading the charges, I have a very hard time understanding how sending a fixed amount of money to the RNC and then a week later, seeing that same amount of money sent back to different districts, is not money laundering? Maybe if DeLay's political career goes south he can do sponsorships for Tide...

Do our elected officials ever have to take such a class ? Cause you know he is going to pull the "I didn't know defense" or the "I don't remember defense"....

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