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December 13, 2005


Oh damn. I was so hoping to cash in...I mean, hear about this in criminal court...of course. Yes. That's what I meant...

Does this have anything to do with the merger with Diemofo?

Only the beginning of the end for that crowd...

What about Diehard, Diefast and Dietryin?

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of crooks.

I love the smell of Karma in the morning.

"I will deliver Ohio for the Republicans...
...and the Republicans will deliver me to the pen."

Oh, EXCELLENT news!!!

This is wonderful!

I hope they expedite the trial so that we can return to punching ballots in 2008.

Truth has a liberal bias.


". . .The defendants are also alleged to have attempted to disguise well-known and ongoing problems with Diebold's Voting Machine equipment and software."

Well shit my britches!

Can you believe it? Diebold is run by crooks. Heavens to Elizabeth. Who would of thought it?

I know Deacon Dumb just made a speech down in El Paso where he said they were going to build more prisons but as I recall he didn't say they were for all his friends. Must have forgot.

So, I wonder how long it will take for the mainstream media to realize this is...ummmm..a HUGE issue worth covering?

The cockles of my heart are so warm, I could set a Pop-Tart on fire.

I was wondering why Wally resigned. Hahahahahahahaha!

does this mean we get our election back?

So do we insist on a do-over for 2004 or 2000? I say let's bring back Gore. Please?

I knew something was funky last year when I voted... every time I pushed the Kerry button, a light would turn on next to Bush's name!

Damn trial lawyers!

Damn trial lawyers!

I read the complaint...I have to say it's pretty clever. Securities fraud indeed! It's a bit of a stretch and who knows if it'll survive, but I'd say they've got at least a decent chance of forcing a settlement out of Diebold.

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