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December 28, 2005


damn..the ol'bait&switch...I thought for sure this was going to be good news about the Death of the evil Dieblod voting machines..sigh..oh,well...I can dream.....and don't worry about ol'Billy O. Clown Shoes himself will be around for awhile, he is to self absorbed to put you on his list...but oh how you tried....

Are you /sure/ you want a phone call from Bill O'Reilly?

After all our hard work, that stinkin' so-and-so STILL refuses to list you? WTF do we have to do??? I guess it is time to get Al Franken involved.

Thanks for getting my hopes up with the title of this post. Oh, if only Diebold was dead.

Are you /sure/ you want a phone call from Bill O'Reilly?
Oh yes I DO I do I do I do I do.
I do.

Easy Blogenfreude... A Marine friend of mine told me to tell you that only a coward will just "Smear and Run!"

Semper Smear!


Are you wearing red shoes??

He's dead. but, his machine lives on. they should have buried it with him.

Picking on O'Reilly NEVER gets old- there is just too much to work with.

I love the fact that despite there now is a whistleblower within diebold, the MSM still ignores this threat to democracy.

Not that I am surprised.

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