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December 15, 2005


The flood waters could be pouring into the White House, and GW would still deny that our obsession with fossil fuel has anything to do with global warming -- and anyway, there's no such thing, right, Dick? You told me it wasn't real, and I believed -- gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...

Just amazing how arrogant this fuck is. He'll bet the future of the whole fucking planet so his buddies can make tons of money and don't have to clean up their acts. An astoundingly silly and dangerous dunce.

Dear Leader famously does not believe in global warming.

How could he? He probably reads the reports that his Oil Industry buddies (i.e., Philip Cooney) doctor for him. Talk about drinking your own kool-aid.

they don't care. plain and simple.

never have, never will.

Of course they don't care: The President of the United States believes that Super Jesus is coming back any day now to carry the faithful on home. Who cares what or who is left? "Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow we're going to be up HeavenWorldLand; and the homos & heathens and the 144,000 Jews will have to fend for themselves."

The National Zoo has polar bears? I thought they only had pandas.

Would throwing them in the Polar Bear pen sound to much like throwing Christians to the lions?!

You're telling me a polar bear can't swim? See, animals don't evolve. That proves Darwin wrong.

The Central Park Zoo has polar bears. But I think the best placed we ever viewed those gentle creatures was at San Diego Zoo.

I love the way Polar Bears fly...across the ice.

Of course I am so sick of this shit. Polar bears are excellent, strong swimmers. For global warming to cause melting to the point where they cant' make it from one spot to another is just horrifying. And, of course, what Robot said is right. This horrible cabal of uglies is making damn sure The Rapture happens in our lifetime. CREEPS.

I love the way Polar Bears fly...across the ice.

I like those Coca-Colonization commercials.

But I think the best placed we ever viewed those gentle creatures was at San Diego Zoo.
Gentle creatures? They would feast on your liver, dine on your pancreas, and make a snack from your small intestines. They are killers. But they kill only seals, or humans dumb enough to get in their way. Darwinism at the edge ...

Blogenfreude...don't you mean they were Designed to evicerate seals and dumb humans by an over-arching Intelligence?

Polo Bears by Ralph Lauren. Swimming toward an ice floe near you.

Yeah, Agi - I hate those CGI polar bears! The gross anthrophamorphizing of them to sell a crappy product. Ewwww. EWWWWWW!

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