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December 06, 2005


ANd ask your mom to sign the petition too. I asked my mom to sign and she did. Then she went on a cruise with my father and cousins Jeannie and Hy. So the lesson here is to sign the petition before the cruise. Right?

I all ready signed it. I live in Ohio. When I went to vote in November, I asked the poll workers if the machines could be hacked into. The sweet little lady said, "No, dear, I don't think so. Why would someone do that?" Well, gee shucks, maybe to change the results?

I signed it last week and so did one of my sisters, and I sent it off to everyone else I know.

I think that election reform could be the biggest issue out there now, save global warming. If we can't have a fair election (and we haven't in quite some time, as research shows), we can't get the evil cabal and its horrible ilk out of the WH. Like the hyrda, heads will keep growing back. Elections have to be at least somewhat fair (I'm not delusional enough to think they will be 100%).

Can we also write to Jimmy Carter and his org. for Election Monitoring ? And about the hacking in Ohio...don't have to hack it , if the Fix is Already IN.....which it was.
Thanks for posting this...

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