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December 17, 2005


Welcome back.

Thank you Bobot Ruddha. I've got some snark here somewhere ... give me a minute ...

Nice of you to return. That brooding fella you got up top there looks like he about sums up the foul mood of you typepadistas. Welcome back.

That was some all-star ad hoc blogging yesterday, but

" . . . any fool knows a dog needs a home,
A shelter from pigs on the wing."

Happy belated birthday Ludwig.

I'm getting all my Beethoven out to celebrate! Eroica first!

How horrible re typepad. My deepest sympathies...and how smart to start a new blog for the refugees. xoxoxo Blue Gal

You've handled it well, I didn't even know that their was a problem until recently.

Eroica first!
Good choice - I went with the Triple Concerto.

BF: I'm a Late Quartets guy myself.

By the way, I'm keeping the "Type Pad Refugees" url on my Blogroll just in case...

Blogen: It does not matter that the picture of Beethoven was a day late, it is surely a good one.

What other composers do you like?

One of the greatest composers ever...happy belated birthday B.

Yo BF, let's say I was going to get into Beethoven, where would I start?

Yo BF, let's say I was going to get into Beethoven, where would I start?
3rd, 5th, 9th symphonies; Choral Fantasy (get the London Symphony Orch. conducted by Roger Norrington); Triple Concerto; any of the string quartets; Moonlight, Pathetique, and Apassionata piano sonatas. On the sonatas, I recommend Glenn Gould or Richard Goode.

I personally LOVE me some J.S. Bach; Mozart (of course), Brahms (!!), Tchaikovsky (sp?), Wagner (I know, I know - nazi, but he made great tunes), Dvorak, Stravinsky. But don't ask me for specific recordings. I'm not enough of an audiophile for that (plus sorta lazy in that regard).

Eroica gives me chills, even still.

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