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December 07, 2005


Another lovely tale, thanks..I guess ..and this is part of their New Democracy, King George must be so proud that he has embraced and understood this Culture SOOOO WELLL...And if the Christian Neocons keep on their current path here, they will want to take lessons from this Culture that sure knows how to treat it's women.....

I was listening to this piece on NPR earlier myself. I can't believe that their tribal culture embraces such a barbaric and horrific tradition.

It reminded me of the story about the N. African woman (I believe she was from Sudan) who was sentenced to be stoned because she had gotten pregenant out of wedlock. Human rights groups were actively trying to gain her freedom... I never heard what the outcome ultimately was.

But you are right. I don't think that the administration realizes what they are giving Iraq by 'spreading democracy'. In the end, Iraq will be a satellite, not of Washington, but of Tehran. And they will still chant Death to America.

Too reminiscent of Mukhtar Mai

Drew- About the Stoning Sentence. In 2002 Amina Lawal was sentenced to Death by stoning in Nigeria because as a divorced woman she became pregnent and pregnenices are not allowed unless the woman is married. Her story was on Oprah, and more than 1.2 Million emailed and wrote and Amnesty International worked hard to have the sentence voided, and in August 2003 they were still giving assuarances that the sentence will not be carried out. But they could not garantee that Vigilantes might not carry it out themselves. I could not find out what has happened between Aug 2003 and now...I hope she survived...or was able to leave..but I have my doubts.

I heard this on NPR, and it literally made me sick. The cousin who carried out the "honor" killing said he knows Islam doesn't condone honor killings, but he was forced to do it because the family would be humiliated if he didn't. He also likes to beat his wife with a hose. It's just the thing to do.

The reporter pointed out that homecomings for abducted men are occasions for celebration. I guess it doesn't matter if they're still virgins.

Troll at Stacy's Blog- playing head games about women issues- she could use some intelligent input over there , thanks

Yes, we sure brought "Freedom and Liberty" to the Iraqi people by invading their country and deposing Saddam. Like freedom from electricity. And water. But they do have HONOR so that should make all those redneck bastards that voted for Deacon Dumb happy as a pig in shit. I mean hell, they go out behind the trailer to crap so why shouldn't all those ragheads.

Let freedom ring!

"Troll at Stacy's Blog- playing head games about women issues- she could use some intelligent input over there , thanks"

Do you have a link? I'd love to go knock verbal heads with a troll over this atrocity.

I don't see what George Bush has to do with this. And I am definitely not a Bush fan.

Freaking savages. Anyone who does this. Anybody who murders another human being is acting far from any influence a turmoiled society has placed on them. If they can have a sense of 'honor' then they can tell right from wrong.

They do not live in the Stone Age, unable to eat or form sentences. These are lucid, cellphone-bearing sadists who treat women like posessions.

But of course, nobody can speak against ANY Islamic "practice of faith", no matter how insane or non-Islamic. Because while they can use force all day long against innocent human beings, we'e not allowed to stop them.

Anyone who apologizes for these murderers is a spineless pussy.

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