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December 09, 2005


Wow. I can almost see my house from here!

K, maybe not.

That's pretty amazing. Good eye, dude.

Wow! That's beautiful. I know it would shut everything down, but I really wish we'd get a decent snow in Alabama this year.


Oh, snow! Oh, I'm so jealous!

You call that snow? =)

Um, great photo, but I don't want those conditions out here right now. It's gorgeously sunny here in Seattle, for once.
Regarding O'Reilly: Those silly wingnuts shouldn't be saying MERRY Christmas, that's blasphemous! They should be screeching for people to whisper,"HOLY Christmas," or "Blessed Christmas," or "baby Jesus, come and squeeze us." No buying stuff, just praying. ;0)

really, really lovely...put the kettle on, I will bring snow supplies, some Strong coffee and some Baileys....( NYC snow looks better than Lake Erie snow- why is that?)

You call that snow? Fred, a mere dusting it looks like...we got 11 inches.

78 degrees here in socal today. looks real purdy out there in new york city.

Very dark. Looks like Pompey after Vesuvius exploded.


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