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December 09, 2005


Did you know that Jon Stewart declared war on Bill O'Reilly's War on Christmas?

I want my goddamned 15 minutes! If you can't be Bill O'Reilly's whore, whose whore can you be?

Amen, Blogenfreude. Where is the White Foxsphorous Wrath he promised? Lets see the list already.

I loved Jon Stewart's skit about it! I also loved how he revealed O'Reilly's unbelieveable sloppiness for using an old "Daily Show" clip as ammo for his war on Christmas.

OMIGAWD the guy has given a new meaning to insane. How hilarious!!!! I canNOT get over how funny this "war on xmas" is. He's such a dufus. I honestly can't even believe what Media Matters has been reporting nonstop the last few days. Every time I get a new email I start laughing my ass off.

Oh what will I do if Bill retires?!? Life will be boring.

y'know I'm thinking that probably a huge hunk of his audience just HAS to be people who think he's a comedy act.

I think you're right, HelenWheels!

You haven't made it until you're on O'Lielly's list.

What ahppened? Typepad acting screwy?

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