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December 14, 2005


Good lord! You've outdone yourself AGAIN!

I sing these out loud, you know. And laugh while I'm doing it.


I agree with Helen! Can we make requests for lyrics to our favorite "Christmas" Song??

Some one is singing

Does the O'Reilly Store have a red and green loofah? Maybe he should sell some of these "toys" at his store too.

(Homage to blogenfreude.)

Violent Right,
Holy Right,
Bawl alarms,
Call a fight.
Clowns converging to lather and rile,
Holy pinheads portend and beguile,
Shriek your drivelly sleaze,
Shriek your drivelly sleaze.

(Suggestions for improvement welcomed.)

Ha...that's great.

Fuck Bill O'Lielly and his "war" on Christmas. I've never heard of anything so stupid in all my life.

This is what he needs to read.

Excellent lyrics all around. Bill has obviously never visited my home town, where "Merry Christmas" flows from the lips of store clerks everywhere -- and no one threatens to sue. And no one pitches a fit if they hear "Happy Holidays" instead. Thank God we don't live in O'Reilly's dream world.

Great lyrics! You're becoming the Rogers & Hart of Bloglandia. And I agree with comandante agi, O'Lolly should try those toys. Then he oculd give us first hand reports on the second coming. AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. From a real heathen!

I'm dreaming of a hot subordinate.
One with spectacular soapy tits.
Where her ass cheeks glisten,
and my wife doesn't listen
When I call Andrea from the can and pretend to shit.

Yes, I'm dreaming of a tight subordinate
With every dirty note I write
I'll get her drunk on cheap wine
And I'll tag her great ass from behind

Yes, I'm dreaming of a wet loofah
For every hot chick that I pay
Did I show you my vibrator today?
It's big and black and completely not gay.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Rofl Pusboy

OMIGAWD!!! I'm laughing my ass offf!!! Pusboy and 88, those are brilliant! That's it: We simply HAVE GOT to make a Bill O'Reilly Christmas Carol Songbook... Please? I'll help with graphics!!

Helen, you can do it! We need a Tommi song, too. I'll sleep on it. xoxoxo

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