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December 19, 2005


Why is this moron still in charge of our country?

Wouldn't he be more comfortable running some other nation? Perhaps Iraq?

We are so royally fucked!

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE DAMMIT?!?! Besides here, of course.

"growing signs of divergence"

Well, we still have Poland. Don't we?

Why is this moron still in charge of our country?

Diebold MUST die!

blogenfreude, when I look at this photo of the Axis of Greed I can't help but imagine them all breaking into dance and doing the..

yea, yea, yea.......do the Rendition Shuffle.......yea, yea, yea, the Rendition Shuffle..... do it now....YEA,...... yea yea, the Rendtion Shuffle

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