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December 02, 2005


Do you think that Brownie will submit his resume? Seems like he's rather good at writing fiction.

you know, I love irony, so i love all the stories issuing about the bush administration these days- you cant make this shit up and of course, the idiots on the right cant grasp it because they have their heads so far up their asses they are rendered deaf from the echo. We are trumpeting the importance of democracy while threatening to bomb Al Jazeera for printing the truth about the massacre in falluja (of civilians) and we are utilizing private firms like the lincoln group and the rendon group using millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to spread lies and propaganda about how wonderful things are in Iraq.

You know what Iraq is? It's two things- 1. An american colony. 2. Its a boon to the military industrial complex and guess who has huge monetary interests tied up in that complex? The neocons- rummy, cheney, libby, perle, wolfowitz, henry kissinger, and of coure the huge corporations like haliburton, lockeed martin, etc.

Its disgraceful. I have a friend who is a retired colonel in the Army and she has friends over in Iraq and she says she hears the same complaint over and over again- they are disgusted that private contractors are getting paid $600 an hour to do the exact same things the soldiers are doing for free and the contractors were part of the torture scandal all along- the soldiers say these guys are the bottom of the barrel- they will do anything for money. Anything.

"Come to Me, all ye who are weak and have lots of oil." Seek the safety of our enfolding wings! Can't get that damn Ashcroft singing, "Let the eagle soar!" out of my head!

Every resume I've read in the last 4 years has been whole cloth fiction, so this should not seem so strange. Fake people, with fake resumes, writing fake news.

I'm having visions of a "Brazil-like," Ministry of Information Retrieval.

It gets better. This scheme is costing us the taxpayers some 6M dollars! The average marketing/pr firm rarely charges clients over 1M for any kind of campaign. That includes the big boys, like Microsoft, GM ect.

Lincoln also has a 100M dollar contract with the military. Reasons undisclosed and supposedly unrelated to Iraq.

"We will control all that you hear and see"

I'm applying, where is the link?!

Here Fred: http://www.lincolngroup.com/, But I regret to inform you that two of the most coveted positions are taken: Director of Insight & Influence....And Director of Strategic Solutions. ( sigh)
Colonel Treadwell ( yes, that is his name) Said " I have never approved a product that was a LIE or was intended to deceive."

(more from the website- be prepared to gag and/or throw up)
GAO report of April noted that Pentagon has been pressing for Iniatives on "Strategic Communications" to fill the Void left by lack of strategic direction by the White House".(ouch..Rummy and Dicky not getting along- eh?)

Oh- and they are only being paid $100 million signed in June, and another $300 million over the next three years....so they definently have the doe.....they also prefer if you have Foreign Intell experience..so Fred if you have James Bond Credentials you are in...

( Hey, they should hire Judy M...I will email her- prefect job for her..her fictional stenography skills will be a shoe in. )

Not much point in filling in the application form as far as I can see, Karl "The obese bum Bandit" Rove is a shoo in for this one. When he gets out of the can that is.

Poor eagle, his perch must be in a toxic waste dump sponsored by Bush's "Healthy Forests" act...

It seems like this plan was mentioned by the White House quite some time ago, if memory serves me. Now they are acting like they don't "have the facts" about what the Pentagon is doing. That alone would be pretty scary but it is a blatant lie.

Oh- and they are only being paid $100 million signed in June, and another $300 million over the next three years....so they definently have the doe.....they also prefer if you have Foreign Intell experience..so Fred if you have James Bond Credentials you are in...

Meanwhile, in flood ravaged New Orleans, thousands of families are still homeless and jobless. Good to know the Federal Government has their priorities in order.

From Sunday's edition of The Baghdad Times:

Last year chocolate rations were at 30 grams per week. This year chocolate rations shall be raised up to 25 grams per week.

This is doubleplus good news!

Sorry Drew- but that is what the Lincoln site said- beyond putrid...and yes, the first thing I thought of was the folks in NOLA...and on another level, I did look up their website because Tom Forman of CNN did a story about the FEMA channel and it looks VERY propaganda-ish, so I was checking to see if they do any stuff on American Soil...nope only foriegn...( and it does not just say Iraq...ponder that as well)...and the Bios of the top cheese were all Brit Intel....creepy...

This story is far more sinister than just leaking stories to the Iraq press. Also, why is it, that a week later the story has all but VANISHED from the American Press? I just updated the story on my site, and really think Bloggers need to be running with this story to demand accountablity and truth.

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