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December 18, 2005


Cheney will need to be impeached too. Don't forget Dennis Hastert too. I can live with a Condoleeza Rice presidency. But not a Cheney or Hastert presidency.

They ALL have to go- every last one of them , they all have committed Crimes against this Country and Humanity. I watched Condi and Alberto LIE through ALL of the Hearings- and so did millions of others about Torture and Spying. So NO to Condi. They have Murdered our Constitution.All they have spread is Lies and Fascism.It is time for King George and his Cronies to face Justice. The Whole World is Watching. ( I heard from Aussies, Japan, and Indonesia last night)

Hand me a shovel, I will gently pat the last bit of dirt down on Bush's political grave.These kind of brazen actions have gone on for far to long.

I am glad I am not the only one who sees how OBVIOUS it is that our Dear Leader/monarch has served up a High Crime and Misdemeanor on a silver platter.

And yes, the MSM has been covering this issue of warrantless wiretaps but they seem to be ignoring the 500 lb gorilla in their midst-how can they rationalize not talking about impeachment when they led the charge against Bill Clinton for getting a hummer in the oval office and then lying about it?

Between those two crimes, which is the more significant? But yet, the MSM is couching its terms- it doesn't want to come out and say Bush broke the law and violated the Constitution in the process.

I am so angry about this I am seeing double right now. Or maybe its the wine?

Even though I've realized the Hopelessness of Hope by way of The Defeatists, I can't help but backslide a bit. Do think it could happen? Could it really be?

My concern is how much mileage Bush et al get with the ol' combo of Executive Priveledge and "We're in the middle of a War...and you gotta do what you gotta do."

Which is worse Blow Job to unattractive Willywannabeyur woman for Ol'Bill or Blow Job to the Constitution by a lying-torturing-sack-I got-life-I got Geesus-I-got-all-ther-power-cuz-I-say-so sack of Bush ? Got it ? good. Oh, and for the MSM
who have been sucking the rareified air of the inflated WH for TOO long- here 's a thought- the Propaganda Arm of Hitlers Regime did face the Music and the Cosequences at the Nuremberg Trials... And now Bush is talking about prosecuting the poor soul who went to the NYT OVER a year ago....MSM better have a come-to-geesus moment real fast or they will just be part of the trial....

Impeachment Trials that is

Impeachment Trials ...
if only.

Hey, gotta have some hope here, and another thing- 2006 is here- right around the corner- how many Repugs are going to want to be on the Good Ship Bush at this rate ? And what if good citizens realize that he wasn't spying on JUS Terraists, he was spying on Normal People like you and me? Hey even my repug brother-in-law will be backpeddling faster than Lance on this one...and yeah- it would have to be impeachment trials ( plural) or do they get all tried together ? I don't know....this is way different than I am not a Crook Nixon....hmm, maybe not ...I forgot he did SPY on citizens- maybe someone should ask Senator Kerry- he was one of those spied on...

What I want to know is: How bad a crime does Shrub have to confess to BEFORE WE DO SOMETHING?

Why did he do that on national TV? He must have a backdoor exit strategy of some sort.


Is it just me or is it beginning to smell like 1973 all over again?

Linked at Blue Gal today. xoxo

The bad part is that about a third of all Americans not only support this, but think that we are aiding the terrorists by standing up for the constitution.

I hate to write this, but about a third of the people support this president so blindly that the ones with any personal courage would kill on command.

Just a warning to be careful for what you wish for. In the event of this administration collapsing who do you think is most poised to take control? It's not the left, but the even more extreme right..

I think this administration is as far right radically as you can get. We're already living in a fascist society, but it's nicely hidden beneath the rampant consumerism and other distractions. I honestly don't think that there IS a farther right cabal out there.

Hearings are for girly men.

Okay, they aren't. But maybe Our Dear Vice will tell Specter it would be a shame if anything happened to his grandchildren.

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