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December 04, 2005


Sounds like we live in Pakistan.

It is a dreary day. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff after that staement, and then I just deleted it.It is a dreary day.

It was hard enough to get rape survivors to come forward before, it will be even harder now. The heretik has been doing an excellent job covering this, as have many other blogs. I did a small piece on my blog earlier this morning but to be honest, I just don't have the heart to cover this in detail.

What really jumped out at me was that the District Attorney's office didnt even bring the original rape case to trial saying they didnt "think" they could win on the merits and the judge said that while the three men and the woman (who was a minor- 17 at the ime) and the three men (who were adults- 18 at the time) told differing accounts, he believed the men. Un-fucking believable.

Its very unusual to bring charges for filing a false police report in a case like this when you you a) havent had a finding that the report was indeed false and b) the person who filed it didnt actually recant their version of events.

ok, now I am getting angry again.

I have to go

Fred and Blogenfreude, dreary it is but the snow does glisten a bit of hope!

Peace to you!

It is unbelievable what ADAs can and can not do these days.

Many of them are either clueless or couldn't care less about the rationale for criminal law.

I’m afraid this bleak day will linger long past its allotted time. We are in winter; and unfortunately that season has come to stay. Unless you are white, male and evangelical Christian - then you can expect spring to arrive exactly when expected.

Sounds like some places in the Middle East where a woman has to have a male witness in order to make a rape charge stick.

monday eve.,...I spent this eve trying to post a blog on Rape and PTSD...and of course the friggin thing is ill..and I have no idea what happened to my post...thanks for keeping us posted on this....

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