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December 29, 2005


The Brits may have not invented torture, but they sure as hell perfected it. How do you think we Americans learned our skills?

Poodle turned out to be a biter, eh? Well. Not too surprised.

The Brits may torture, but I suspect they are excruciatingly polite about it.

Makes one Wonder what did indeed happen to Dr.Kelly during the Iraq Hearings of July 11th 2003, and he was found propped against a tree a day after he disappeared and his last email was to Judy Miller- he dissappeared that afteroon...July 17th ( I think..I would have to recheck the date, over on http://plamegatetimeline.blogspot.com/)..but it raises some interesting questions about his "death"....Prayers to Craig Murray and may he be safe...well it appears that we are not the only ones with shame and blood on our hands...

Have you seen the letter from Ken Lay to his friend George? I posted a link yesterday. I was sure it was bogus, until I read further.

You just can't make this stuff up!

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