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December 14, 2005


Dogs have masters, cats have servants, indeed....

I love cats! They do indeed have their own personalities.

My dog thinks she's human -- my cat thinks she's God.

Lili would run an ad to be adopted, but she doesn't know her phone number ...

My dog destroys my house. But I still love her.

cats are the finest people i know.

Critters! I couldn't live in a house without 'em - good or bad.


Wait 'till you see my cat (Name: Bones, Weight: 17lbs, Age: 12, Color: Black, Breed: Polydactyl (six-toed)) laid out... he owns the place, I just live here!

I wish I had six regular readers...

No outfit is complete without cat hair.

Missouri Mule, you're right. And I have the perfect combo here, a black cat to shed on anything light-colored and a white dog to shed on anything dark.

Pay no attention to that cat behind the curtain...

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