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January 22, 2006


That's a terrific picture.

Aw. bFreud. You shouldn't have...OK yes you should have. Your check is in the mail, after all. I love that photo, by the way. Beautiful. See you at Neil's.


You totally Rock

Late in the day, but I've posted one of my rare political rants, this one on the rise of fascism in America. If nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to use the O'Goebbels image again ;o)

No doubt that Central Park tree was felled by eco-terrorists who have safe haven in uber-blue states such as New York. This never would have happened on Rudy's watch.

Hugging a Tree for Democracy,


Thanks for posting The Tree...You just fed the Ansel Adams empty corner of my soul.....sigh...

Is that that tree they talk about grows in Brooklyn?

Great photo.

Good luck with the Koufax Awards.

I do love Neils picture - thought provoking as usual. Lily's stuff is great too - everyone's is. Congrats on the Koufax, by the way - I left you a message at The Refugees - but wasn't sure you got it. Great work, my dear - as always.

Dammit Rex always spoils a beautiful enviro-moment... Blogenfreude-Anselescent? Interesting.

Good luck on the Koufaxes, brudder.

May the better man make the other one's life a living hell for the next month or so :-)

Good luck in the awards. Too many favorites too few categories.

Excellent photo. So mournful.

Lovely photo -- more, please!

Second set of congrats for a second nomination - great going, my dear!

I likewise think the photo is awesome.

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