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January 05, 2006


More and more this becomes like a monarchy and less like a republic.

Maybe Bush has been eating pot brownies. That would explain the slurred speech and unrealistic pipe dreams of freedumb and doomocracy.

Not his son, I believe, but his chief of staff.

Andrew Johnson was fond of recess appointments. First he wants to be like Nixon, now Johnson. This guy needs a blowjob.

Every time I see that picture, I envision Brown describing the size of his manhood.

Not his son, I believe, but his chief of staff.
Good catch.

What's next? A federal district judgeship for Jack Abramoff?

Head of the Justice Department's Lobbying Oversight Division.

I want one... gimme gimme gimme

Ah, but the real question:
How many "brownies" do you have to have in your car to be charged with possession???
And can such brownies be excused for glaucoma?

Kvatch I re-found your blog-thanks. Instead of bookmarks, maybe I'll just use Blogenfreude's links.

We, all of us, will be cleaning up this mess for years and years to come. Thanks, assholes.

This is quite possibly the most sickening story I've heard all year. That includes last year.

Goddamn Brownies runnin' all over the damn place! Get me a fly-swatter! I can't stand the things buzzing around!

Blogenfreude- OK.
I hereby publicly apologize for my juvenile antics. I know not what I do.

I hereby publicly apologize for my juvenile antics. I know not what I do.
I know not what I do either. No apology necessary.

Dammit, you people stole my story for today (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

As for Sauerbrey, clearly liberals hate her because she's conservative, handsome, and may have a vagina. No other reason makes sense.

Rex Kramer, certified wingnut.

Leave Rex alone ... he can use the word "vagina" in a sentence. Proof enough.

Blogenfreude really raises the bar...

Ben Hatfield of the International Coal in West Virginia has to be nominated for the next Heckuva Job Brownie Award, taking 1.5 hours to call 911, and taking three hours to "correct" the ALIVE Myth ( that he started himself by telling the families they were coming to the church at 11;30) and then leaving the bodies there overnight.....yup. We have a Winner...Must have gotten Disaster Counseling and Training from Brownie. ( here it is DAY 4- and still NOT a peep about the Incident on their website.....)..sorry, went off subject- but you mentioned my old fav. Brownie...

Come on, you act like we should be suprised after the 4th Amendment got the heave hoe. Or worse, like there was something that we could do about it.

I can only hope that the Prince of Darkness doesn't use the Death Star to destroy the universe.

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