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January 18, 2006


I thought Frist was "retiring."

Also the Lott Hurricane thing had something to do with God. There is something in Kings 1 about God smiting your summer home if you do something bad or something.

Well, if I had to choose between Frist and Lott, I'd go with Lott. He's a stand up guy.

I bet you'd like to sit out on his new porch and have a lemonade as well, Agi!

You know that things are bad when you find yourself choosing between Bill Frist and Trent "segregation was neat-o" Lott.

... that shit though when everyone was boo-hooing that rat bastards 'gulf coast' home... made me sick.
You just made me all angry all over again today, blogenfreude! Since you dared disobey my directive, I was forced to mock Nagin all in my lonesome. However, the result of photo editing was that I found him to be kind of sexy toward the end...thats what passes for excitement around here I guess.

The Republican Senate needs Lott more than ever. Put some spine back into those wimps who won't stand up to those evil l'bruls. Hell why wait for a filibuster to explode the "nuclear option"?

My lord, the man has an advanced case of OCD if he's doing those things you mentioned. While I feel most people have some disorder or another, that's a bit frightening (OCD is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, for those not in the know). Both of the examples are extreme OCD. Whew!

I have to give Lott a couple of snaps for refusing to take the bait yesterday on Hardball. Chris Matthews was foaming at the mouth about Hillary saying "plantation", and he did his best to get Lott to denounce her. It didn't work.

Otherwise, he comes across as smarmy, and he's been in Washington way too long.


Fuck the lemonade. I'm gonna drink pure Mississippi Moonshine on his porch. President Bush will be there standing right next to the lawn jockey!

God's diagnostician? Oy, I needed that laugh.

And that vinyl hairdo---Jeeze! M

I almost forgot about Lott. I loved in when said that he was trying to help poor people. Um, yea what the oil companies that only have one mansion?

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