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January 28, 2006


Oh happy day! Congrats Tirebiter! I'm a former prize winner myself, so I know how you must be feeling right about now.

And keep doing what you do, Blogenfreude.

RB, it's also important to state, without qualification, that no Diebold equipment of any sort is used in any vote tabulation here at Agitprop. We use our fingers.

I am the proud winner of bumper stickers. Love that T shirt! I'm jealous!

"I went to Gitmo, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!"

Congrats Tirebiter!

Well it is certainly nice to see your kind face Tirebiter!

Bush spied on me too. And you. And you too.

Don't be fooled by this cheesy Photoshop job! The real Tirebiter is younger and thinner.

Betty Jo, didn't we used to call you "Nancy"?

gee...I would like a Tshirt...I have already been spied on now how do I get the great T?

Humm....my prize must have got lost in the mail...

Do I know Tirebiter from somewhere???

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