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January 26, 2006


Is this true?

Do we think he can get the votes?

Oh...I am so exicted!

Lots to read now!

5:30 pm Thursday and he is up to 31 votes...Repugs are at the podium whining on CSPAN...Elizabeth Dole all dolled up like an Old Madam begging to "save this worthy Nominee"...I am going to root for Kerry...( esp.since he grew some for us). [thanks for posting on this BF we were boycotting CSPAN for the day...had about given up on the Scumlito vote)

Okay, Landrieu is wanting to vote for cloture so we can get on with the important work of rebuilding New Orleans. Has she heard that Mississippi has received 33,000 trailers from FEMA and that NO has received only 2000, even though they requested 40,000? Has she heard that 3200 folks are missing from NO and that no one is pressing anyone to find them? Has she heard that the investigation about what went wrong with our government's response to Katrina is being stonewalled? Has she heard that Bush now thinks NO is actually rebuilt and a heck-uv-a place to take your kids? Does she really believe that playing ball with these folks will actually get them to help her and her state when it is so obvious that they have not and will not? I am tired of Democrats thinking there is a quid pro quo with this gang. There is not. Look at Katherine Harriss. After helping GW in 2000 they have stabbed her in the back twice in her Senate race. Now Jeb says she has his support, but this was only after she refused to drop out like she did last time when Rove and Jeb asked her to and she is a Republican. What did they do to Mary, boil her kitty cat or something? Jeez.

Christ in a cupcake! Have their balls finally dropped? This is the best news I've heard in a long, long time. Let's just hope it comes off.
And I can just picture the assholes frantically blowing more hot air into the Swift boats.

Well folks, tune in next time to find out:

Will Kerry carry through, or will he drop the ball on the balls he's dropped?

Is it all about 2008, or 2006?

...and most importantly, how did Arlen Specter regrow all that hair?

Why didn't he do this 18 months ago?

I'm not convinced that Kerry is sincere. But, I hope he succeeds, nonetheless.

What's the time frame on this thing? Should I start pacing now, or what?

Did I read that the NYT came out today for axing Scalito?

I'm sorry...did I just see "John Kerry" and "lead" in the same hemisphere (much less the same post?)

Please. I know a few Swift Boat Veterans who could probably tell you a little Truth about his so-called "leadership" abilities.

Why is it that it takes losing (and I use that term loosely) an election to make Dems start swinging left? Maybe they all should lose.

Kerry and I, skiiing at the same time...
Seriously, love the way they even turned his conference into a leisurely week on the slopes to continue their campaign to pretend like Bush is 'like the people' and Kerry is aloof and patrician...Kerry needs to open a Bud and play with an intern, I think. :)

Ooh, this is exciting news. At this point, I don't care who does the heavy lifting, as long as it gets done.

Word's out - even Hillary signed on. Don't think they have enough votes to do it yet, however ...

"I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for doody!"

[crowd applauds]

Alito gets confirmed.

[crowd sighs]

Then John Kerry goes skiing at a resort in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton continues her triangulation and Howard Dean's head explodes on live television...

Yeah Democracy!

William Rivers Pitt has an idea that the Democrats should seriously consider, walking out on Bush during the SOTU.

William Rivers Pitt has an idea that the Democrats should seriously consider ...
They'd all have to grow a set. Also, they'd probably be collared by the Ministry of Truth and put in front of a telescreen to watch.

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