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January 20, 2006


By the way, thanks for the head's up, have it streaming. Love those callers!!

Yes- it is available on podcast,

General Karpinski basically said that, in her view, we went to Iraq for oil and to enrich Bush's cronies.

Well that's calling a spade a 'spade'. But Karpinski's got an axe to grind. Bu$hCo hung her out to dry.

Bu$hCo hung her out to dry.
They hang everyone out to dry, eventually. James Baker comes in to dispose of the bodies. With any luck, she won't be marginalized (even more).

Bushco buried Karpinski good and proper. Unfortunately, whatever she says now will be tainted for that reason. She should have smelled the shit when they first started throwing it. She initially towed the company line - and look where that got her.

True enough, but I'm sure that amoung thedemimonde of Right Wing Torturephiles she still holds some creedance...so maybe her speaking out might do some sort of damage.

Congrats, Blogenfreud. You've been nominated for a Koufax for Best New Blog. Well, Agitprop has. Congrats.

BFreud-courtesy nod notice

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