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January 17, 2006


Hell, I will sign Anything..toilet paper, cereal boxes, Anything to keep this whitebread turd of a lawyer from sitting on that Court- stripsearches on a child? WTF???? That made it pretty easy. So the what the hell is wrong with the ABA??? Did they too join the MSM and lose their prescious ones under the table? Does the ABA not support Consitutional Rights?....Hell, I am not so sure the Democrats even do anymore...

I hate to be a downer, but I don't think there's much we can do. Alito is qualified enough, and while his views are out-there, he's not completely crazy.

I think he is certifiably EVIL.

CALL YOUR SENATORS RIGHT NOW TO OPPOSE ALITO at 888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073

I am depressed as anyone and feeling very disenfranchised by what I used to consider my party, but
PEN revived me a bit with this email they sent that I copied here.we have to do what we can until the fight is truly over. The Media is telling us it's over but it ain't.

and as for DiFi? I say Get F***ed

I dont care if it makes any sense or makes a difference..keep it in front of the public for as long as possible..the guy is a creep, a racist and god knows what else. A filibuster would be nice..but if the vote is along party lines..the asshole is in.

It's hard to keep up enthusiasm when Dems who allegedly care about the composition of the Court have thrown up their hands ...

I got a phone call from the DNC this past weekend. I told them flat out that I wouldn't send them another red cent because they refuse to filibuster Alito. The telemarketer, of course tried to convince me otherwise, and then I said this... which left him stunned in silence: "I will not give you our money. My husband and I are saving up for our 3 yr old's "abortion fund" in case she ever gets raped. We know that Alito will overturn Roe, and we live in Ohio and the wingnuts here have already said they'd make abortion illegal here PLUS they'd make it illegal to leave Ohio and obtain an abortion in another state. Why in the hell should I give the people who are enabling the demise of Roe my hard-earned money?"... all I heard was breathing and paper shuffling... so I said "Thanks for nothing Democrats" and I hung up.

Wonder if they'll call back??

Hey Tina , another Ohio person here...I am glad that you hung up on the shuffler...now the bigger question is what are our reps gonna do..they can't ignore the Constituents, forever can they???

Enigma: We need to get rid of our OH criminals asap... and that means getting rid of any and all GOPers tied to the endless crimes in our state and if any Dems are tied to it, then we need to run them all out of Ohio like villagers with torches in a Frankenstein movie.
1st on my list is "J" is for Judas Kenneth Blackwell. I like to see his Sec of State head on a pike.

One thing that might do it would be the discovery of "The Smoking Blowjob". Just one inopportune blowjob by Alito and he's toast. I do NOT intend to undertake investigating this avenue of survival. I am both principled and squeamish. It just can't be done. Besides, I am sure some good person of more stomach than I has already explored that direction, and if it hasn't been in The Star, it hasn't happened.

whelp... I will say this the hearings were Interesting..Sofa-attired Wifey and the Walkout Moment...I would say that he ain't such a good guy...there is Something hiding in that man's office closet and it ain't a spare tie....Anyone that is Okay with strip searching a 10 year old girl in her home with her mom present- there is SOMETHING wrong at home... Kapish?

Dear Blogenfreude---Please post on Mayor Nagin!
Holy shit!!!

I think he is certifiably EVIL.

I agree! And damn girl, it is good to see you here!

or how about the Hillary Plantation Comment on MLK day ?????

John Edwards (D-Oblivion).

Maybe the former Senator Sunshine will stand in a South Carolina tobacco field and start the filibuster from there.

Wow... BlogF... getting requests now, very impressive.

I am trying to figure out what to make DiFi.

She cant be afraid of Re-election, she is the Lady Di of San Fran... She is a liberal but not like Gavin Newsome..

I simply dont get what is goin on with her.

yeah, that plantation comment was over the top- I mean, Hill from Chappaqua- trying to keep it real? Come on. Didn't seem sincere.

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