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January 10, 2006


My crack staff and I like the UST idea, and are crunching the numbers. Thus far, we've come up with a few basic laws in support of our tentative theory...

1) Follow the money

2) White government guy = probably lying

3) Whatever wrong was done, Clinton probably did it first.

Like I said, we're still working on it.

4) must have a catchy name ending in "-gate" ...

Die(? Ney, Bob the bush, jack, Abramoff before the Nor(in)quist(ion)led by Ralph's reed)bold Scandal

5. A body in corruption tends to remain in corruption.

The Justice Dept. needs to get jiggy with it all. They can start by upping the temp staff and increasing the jury pool in blue D.C..

Robot Buddha-
Don't forget, corruption can neither be created nor destroyed.

In other words, when one bastard dies, another springs up in his place.
Did anyone watch Schumer this fine evening?

Since DBK isn't around to weight in, I'll say in his stead, "No wonder H.R. 550, the Voter Accountability Act continues to be held up in the f*cker's committee!" S'plains a lot.

I will take a hanging-chad over this anyday...As such the root cause is Katharine "Dumb as a Stump" Harris.

If that woman hadn't gotten in the way, do you realize how different things would be today?

Different is not always better, but I think anything is better than this reality.

I like #5.

How's about Orwell-gate?

I still think all this has something to do with the Freedom Fries industry.

The Abramoff thing is starting to look like some bizarro Village People:

1. DeLay = Cowboy
2. Indians = Indians
3. Ney = Toupee-wearing douchebag
4. Abramoff = Jewish Boris Badenov
5. Reed = Preacher
6. Norquist = Wingnut Muppet

I just noticed if you remove Norquist, the first five spell "DINAR." Isn't that the Iraqi currency? Wait a minute, it all makes sense!!

I'm glad the MSM is all over this story, ya know giving it the coverage it deserves.

OK, I see my first submission didn't go over so well. I submit the following for consideration.

Operation to


Pusboy has a wonderful submission.

I've seen some great reporting tying cunningham to Saudi Arabia
and now Diebold.

Let's vote for president this year instead of waiting till 08. Is there write in provision for president during the mid term election?

The evangelicals are mired in muck and not rapture ready.

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