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January 03, 2006


Wow, and gambling on the Mall too? Its all too much to take. I am tired of this line of thinking from people that insist that somebody able to make money or become famous has the character to be a good President. And are the strategists so desperate for name recognition that they will flaot any name that comes to mind from Prime time?
Who next, should we speculate about Dave Chappelle? (wait, I'd vote for Dave Chappelle...)

It would be good to have a wacko third party candidate...

I saw him on Deutsh recently "Iraq is a terrorists Kindergarten"

No way. Not gonna happen. If it does, I'm so outta here.

I think Fiji sounds nice.

A fucking gazillionaire and he still insists on walking around with his hair like that...


That one was the best line of the day!

Hi Blogenfreude, we got lots of snow today, and thank gawd Trump isn't running.

Shut the hell up. Are you effing kidding me? Trump should stick to robbing the cradle and building things.

But then again, if Schwarzenegger can become governator, I wouldn't be surprised...

Would D.C., currently a Greco-Roman theme park, be redone in black glass and chrome?

Is Leona in on this?

From a strictly comedic standpoint, I love this idea. My God, I'm going into comedy vapor-lock just thinking about four years of joke material.

It seems that Trump and his publicists are the only people in the U.S. who do not realize that the man is seen by most as an uber-douchebag. Let him run. It'd be just another in the long line of failures. The only successful things this guy has ever done are his lame-ass TV show, and successfully convince a good number of idiots that he's a successful businessman.

Uber douchebag. I like that. It has class.

He could choose his running mate and cabinet via a reality show. Then if he didn't like Congress, he would just pull him into the Trump White House and fire 'em.

Popular culture has done a good job on distracting workers from their financial interests, has it not?

Is Leona in on this?
Hmmm, which has worse taste? I had to stay at Helmsley Park Lane once, and it's pretty awful ...

Border relations might get better- at least to the north with that "comb-over from Canada"! :)

You nailed it, Dave. Distracting workers from their own interests.

Oh lordy I wish he'd run. The comic material he'd provide would be endless, as Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker, says. Just the hairdo would give me jokes for eternity.

Yeah, WHY won't he do something with that hair? It makes me crazy. No one with hair that annoying can get elected president. Trust me.

If the rest of the New York GOP is equivilant to the three stooges, then Trump is Shemp!

No one with hair that annoying can get elected president. Trust me.


Don't be so sure, though. Trent Lott and Steve Forbes both came within throwing distance, and hair doesn't come any more annoying, or rather, horrifying than those two. (Sam Donaldson's hair being in a class all unto itself.)

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