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January 20, 2006


Quoth CNN:"Japan's fishing industry in the grip of its poisonous testicles." Bfreude, do you think that was a misprint?????

do you think that was a misprint?????
Only if it's a female.

Those things are 450 lbs! That's a sea monster in my book. I wonder if they are aggressive, or just floaty.

Looks like one of the cysts from Rush Limbaugh's ass made a break for it!

Stop by Weapons of Mass Distraction and submit a caption for my Friday "Caption This" contest!

Along the medical lines of thought...."Today off of a small Pacific Island, Ann Coulter's and Rick Santorum's Missing Love Child was found, Scientists are reporting that it needs no oxygen or sustenance as it is thriving in these 88 degree waters. One Camerman is still missing in the area."

Now, now, enigma, no need to be catty. I'm sure that it's Ann Coulter and Ron Silver's love child, not Rick Santorium.

Brrrr.... the thought of either gives me goosebumps of revulsion....

One wonders if Santorum will try to bilk THEIR School District like Penn Hills...

Okay , I stand corrected , you're right I do see the resemblence to Ronny Silver, the slimey silver quiveringness, if it really was Ricky the tentacles would have been much longer....Thank you Helen...BF I will now think twice about going in the water....

Yum, that thing will feed a family of 6 for a week, boiled, baked and with a side of fries. Also, it's best to keep a list of things to worry about next to your bedside table should you wake up in a cold sweat and have nothing to fear. Just a helpful tip.

Hmmm. And here I was worried about the giant blowfishes in the White House...

I have to admit, when I first heard that Ron Silver was dating Ann Coulter, my reaction was much the same as it would be if I saw this 450-lb jellied-thing approached me in the water!

Say. Didn't Big Dick Cheney have a fat pants-bulge shaped just like that?

or was it Condasleeza''s new hat ?....( she needed one to go see Spamalot)....and NBFH :even mentioning BIG BULGE and the BIG DICK in the same sentence, well I am still gagging....

oooops That did not come out Right ( at all) ...I meant Puking...Barfing...anything BUT gagging...

enigma..let it go girlfriend..:P

Sometimes the comments are just as good as the post.

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