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January 13, 2006


"And guess what? The Dear Leader was doing domestic spying before 9/11 ... almost as soon as he was sworn in!"

Yeah, and it really helped stop those terrorists in their tracks, didn't it? No, wait...

stopping the Repugs in their fucking tracks?

That would have been the right thing to do...instead we got talking heads.

Does domestic spying also include meetings with the ringleaders?
Of course they spy, but not to protect us, but for their own self interests. We need an 'information abuse'law. Legislate, legislate...

<------ Damn Santorum.

Where others see invasion of privacy, patriots such as myself see a president who, unlike his predecessor, understood that the brutal terrorists hate America even before 9/11.

Hi Agi,
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woof woof

Holy sheeee-it.

(Holds head in hands, certain we're all going to hell.)

I’ve just had an inspiration: A literally perfect protest that will—without any doubt whatever—cause a media firestorm. And it won’t cost anything. And it won’t be illegal. Or a LIE.

The moment President Bush in his upcoming State of the Union speech utters a falsehood, or a mischaracterization, like “I did not break the law by ignoring FISA,” or that he will do “anything” to protect the people from the terrists, or claiming that congress was briefed on and agreed to the wiretapping, the moment he utters a single syllable of bullshit, then:

every single Democrat should get up and quietly walk out of the room.

This mass exodus would not be disrespectful to the presidency itself, but rather a principled refusal of congressmen and women to by their silence endorse the bullshit and lies of the man who occupies the office.

Imagine it!

Why don’t we start an email, fax and telephone campaign? Spread the word. Let the word flow through the blogosphere. Let the Fascists know what’s coming.

The beauty of this proposal is that we don’t have to resort to the slime tactics and lies and bullshit that got the Republicans where they are today. PRINCIPLE will be the bedrock of this exercise of free speech.

What do you say?

If only that would work, John. But first the dems would have to be brave enough to stand up and walk out. Ain't gonna happen.

You are right. Why is it the troops always have to carry the water? Why don't the so-called generals get up off their ass and put it on the line for a change? It makes signing petitions, or writing scathing articles in opposition almost an exercise in futility. No matter what we, the people, do or say – it’s a done deal. There's not a Democrat out there with even a smidge of intestinal fortitude - they all just lie down and let whatever Republican's closer roll over them. To hell with it - they obviously don't give a fuck - so why should we? It's not like we can do shit if Congress won't stand up and be counted.

Fret-a-buster anyone?

BTW - I have a new project:

PS - Glad to see typepad lives on.

It's time for a new party.

Im tired of being a Democrat.

I dislike Nader Hippies.

Oh dear God... I'm a moderate....

with leftist tendancies.... (yes, I think weed is a lesser evil than tobacco)

Will people PLEASE be sensible???

I need a sensible party with balls.

Any suggestions?

(Only parties that can make a difference need to apply)

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