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January 26, 2006


YUP ...Operation Blessing, I covered in my Evil Katrina Posts back in September. What I want to know is WHAT are O.B's Medical Planes used for? Could and are they used for Renditon Flights? Just a thought....a worry...

Diamonds suck. When I get engaged, I just want platinum. No dead Africans for my ring, thank you very much.

That's right. Just platinum.

In case no one heard it, Tart said PLATINUM. With a "P".

Pat Robertson is just a disgusting excuse for a human being, period. And it makes me furious that he's allowed to pretend he's a "Christian" and actually act as a spokesman for my faith.

How is it that we touch on similar topics each day but with such different treatments?
Before we throw stones at diamond miners though, first- GET LARGE STONES...but second, don't the gold and platinum industries have their own sordid tales? These were discussed not long ago on some of the feminist blogs as one more reason to snub the 'ring' and all it stands for. Just throwing that out there.

Well, Pat will tell you that he is like Georgie, God doesn't love black people. UGH! Why can't these people get a clue? Money grubbing bastards!

It's time to get our Smote on, people!

I just hope that he can be brought to some sort of Earthly Justice before the spirochetes gnawing at his brain finish him off.

All one needs to know about religious types can be learned from the evengelical character in the movie Donnie Darko. Tax exeption...isn't that like a law? Doesn't it say somewhere that congress will pass no laws regarding religion? Subsidies for christains, who's running the real welfare society?

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The entire nonprofit sector is a massive tax exempt money sucking machine; all the bonds that nonprofits issue yield tax exempt interest.

And, I agree, gold, platinum and diamonds are all in the same league - they are weapons of mass destruction.

I never understood the rave for diamonds - just cold stones. As for Pat getting rich off of our tax money - he is in the same stinking boat as Cheney with Halliburton - a couple of rats floating on our taxes.

The problem with making religious organizations pay taxes is that certain politicians will try to give them tax breaks. How lovely it would be for Republicans to give tax breaks to Evangelicals while making Muslims pay up. Politics would be tied even more to religion with money involved.

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